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A . Step Up in Self-Care

A1. You are a work of art: Stepping into God’s truth about ourselves | Angie Alberti

Come experience what it means to open your spiritual eyes to the truths of who God says you are, not what others -- or even you -- think about yourself. Break the bondage from any past lies about who you are and move forward in true Godly confidence, boldly and proudly carrying out your life's purpose and experiencing His freedom.  

A2. Turn Off the Stress | Kim Castellano

Discover how you can have less anxiety and more joy every day! Proven fun and informative exercises will help identify where you are experiencing the highest levels of stress in your life and reveal how you can find more joy every day.

A3. Enduring Trials with Joy | Kim CAstellano

Find freedom and joy from life’s hang-ups and setbacks. Start living a life that’s filled with God’s unending love and joy. Begin to love yourself and allow Jesus to unravel the woman He created you to be.

A4. Belief, Enlightenment, and Empowerment - Through Christ! | Luz Rodgers

Our lives are all complicated, busy, messy, and intense -- but healing, restoration, and hope can come out of a relationship with Christ. Join this workshop to explore how to be healed from past pain and loss, how to restore your hopes and dreams, and how to reflect on your past experience as a foundation to help others.

B . Step Up in Relationships

B1. All the Single Ladies! | Tricia Maharaj & Ashley Algarin

We often succumb to societal pressures, like financial success, body image, and marriage, and we lose focus on how we are actually made -- in God's perfect image. Join us as we discuss why our identities must be rooted in Christ and how we can make Him our first companion, understand how He views us, and truly grasp the spiritual gift of singleness.  

B2. Creating Healthy Boundaries | Jessa martinez

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Can I set limits and still be a loving person? Why do I feel guilty saying no?” We often focus so much on being loving and giving that we often forget our own limitations. Based on the book Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, learn the Biblically-based answers to these questions, showing how to set healthy boundaries with parents, spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and even with yourself.

B3. Loss and Death of a Loved One | Patricia Ashby

If God can heal the sick and raise the dead, then why did He let my loved one die? Why did my prayers not work for complete healing? Learn how we can reconcile God’s ability to perform a miraculous healing vs His sovereignty not to heal the life of a loved one and still discover a greater purpose through this difficult time.

B4. Finding True Love — A Journey to Fulfillment and Freedom | gina ortiz

In this workshop, we will discuss how our perceptions of true love affect those around us. We will look into the ways we seek to be fulfilled and accepted and how that translates to our relationship with Jesus.

C . Step Up in Parenting

C1. Balancing Act: Managing full-time work, motherhood, and ministry | Maria kowzun

We are constantly being pulled in multiple directions and expected to fulfill our duties at home, work, and in our relationships with others at all times. But are we truly living out our calling and the purposes for which God has created us? Come join us to discuss how we can manage our busy lifestyles by refocusing our priorities and redefining success.

C2. How to Pray for Our Children | Elizabeth Alvarez

A mother was designed by God with spiritual gifts to bless her children. Are we praying God’s powerful Word and promises over the lives of our children? Prepare to be challenged, blessed, surprised, and empowered by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!

D . Step Up in Ministry

D1. Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts | mary anne de la torre

We are all made on purpose and for a purpose. Come and discover your spiritual gifts and see how your unique design reveals your purpose and ministry. Step up and walk confidently in the gifts the Lord has given you!

D2. Intercessory Prayer | jackie mcgrath

Have you ever felt an unexplained burden on your heart to pray for people, your community, or the world at large? What is Intercession and Intercessory Prayer? Join us as we learn how to pray in a way that will release God’s power in in wondrous and life-impacting ways.

D3. Living a Life of Worship | joyce Mulrooney

We thrive when our identity is not wrapped up in what we accomplish for the Kingdom, but rather when what we do for the Kingdom is simply an expression of knowing who we are because of who our Father is. Come join us as Joyce Mulrooney shares her testimony of being led from finding her identity as a worship leader to her true identity as a daughter of God.

D4. Ladies Who Lead | emily layton

In this workshop, we will explore how God has called us as women to leadership opportunities within our local churches and how we can follow that calling even when we don’t feel qualified. We will also discuss how to multiply servant leaders in local churches using the IRTDMN (Identify, Recruit, Train, Deploy, Monitor, Nurture) model.

E . Workshops in Spanish

E1. Reescribiendo la Historia de Dios para tu Vida | Wanda Cabrera

Durante el viaje de nuestras vidas, las heridas y el dolor emocional pueden ser redefinidos dentro del plan de Dios. Sanidad y restauración solo pueden manifestarse a través de una relación personal con Cristo. Aprenda a conocer como su historia del pasado puede traer libertad a su vida hoy, renovando la esperanza para su futuro y proporcionando un fundamento para ayudar a otros a restaurar los sueños dados por Dios para nuestras vidas.

E2. Perdida y Muerte de un Ser Querido | jessica arboleda

Si Dios puede sanar a los enfermos y resucitar a los muertos, ¿por qué dejó morir a mi ser amado? ¿Por qué mis oraciones no fueron contestadas para una sanidad completa? Aprenda cómo reconocer la capacidad de Dios para realizar una sanidad milagrosa  vs la soberanía de Dios en la perdida de un ser querido y descubrir un un propósito mayor durante este momento difícil.

E3. Como Orar Por Nuestros Hijos

Una madre fue diseñada por Dios con destrezas y dones en el espíritu para bendecir su generación.  Que dice la biblia sobre usted y su generación? Estamos orando con la poderosa palabra de Dios y sus promesas sobre sus vidas? Preparate para ser retada, bendecida, sorprendida y empoderada por la palabra de Dios y el Espiritu Santo!

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But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness and into His wonderful light.
— I Peter 2:9
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Whether it’s finding freedom from experiences in your past, balancing your work and home life, yearning to raise your children well, growing in your relationship with God, making space to take care of yourself … whatever season of life you are in, let’s take this journey together — as women eager to step into freedom and step forward in faith!