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Jesus has called us to continue his supernatural ministry. He promises the same and greater works to those who will pick up this charge. We are on a journey of learning to see who we are in Jesus and live through Him to the world around us. We will train you to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle, right where you are, with His Kingdom becoming your everyday experience. You will receive practical experience in areas such as engagement in prophecy, healing, power evangelism, deliverance, and more. Impact your city, transform your church and grow together with us right where you live, work, and have relationships!

join the family

We believe that God placed us in the family of our local church and that is where He intends to train us and release us for the work of His Kingdom and to move in the power of Spirit as a lifestyle. At the North Jersey Vineyard, we believe that “everyone gets to play” …  and we want you to join our family in stepping into a training that will empower and equip you with a fuller understanding of Kingdom theology, the theology of the Holy Spirit, and your identity in Christ. Not only will you grow in life-changing ways, but you will be blessed by the relationships that you cultivate along the way.

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teaching & activation

SoKM provides the teaching curriculum, allowing every participating church to receive the very best in teaching that is offered. Along with HD quality teaching videos, every student receives a copy of the SoKM manual to read along with the course. The teaching is covered by the SoKM staff as well as a number of guest speakers every year.  

Leaders are given a curriculum of activations and activities that are designed to provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to show up and manifest. These activities allow us to take a “show-and-tell” approach to teaching how to flow in the Spirit which is particularly effective in equipping people in supernatural ministry. We have a broad base of ministries represented in the activations including words of knowledge, prophecy, discerning of spirits, healing, tongues, power evangelism, and more.

practice & resources

For us to really own kingdom ministry, we have to put it into practice on our own. Students are exposed to a rotating set of practice activities that enable them to put  into practice what they are learning. This way students are not only exposed to a variety of different ministries — and learn about what kinds of ministries suit them — but they do so in the context of mission, vision, and ministries of the local church. 

Along with in-class experience, SoKM students receive an online student account which grant access to review the teaching videos, watching interviews with a number of notable ministers, and more. CD’s and DVD’s of all teaching materials are also available for additional purchase. All of these resources are available for the students to continue to invest in their own development. 

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our stories

“SoKM has deepened my knowledge of God’s love for me and I feel extremely humbled and honored that He chooses to partner with me to bring His Word, love, and healing to His children … through little old me!” - Lorena 

“SoKM classes will expand your knowledge of God’s love, purposes, and call upon your life as well as extending your experiences in moving and growing your spiritual gifts.” - Jackie

“When you have known the Lord for several years but you know that something has not been completed in you, you realize you need something more. In SoKM, I learned of my identity in Christ, who I am in Him, and why I was created. I was able to discover His purpose and know that His character is in me and in everything that I am. What God does in SoKM is extraordinary! Come and enjoy knowing more about Him and His purpose for you. ” -  Jessica

“Watching our students’ faces light up with an “A-Ha!” revelation of God’s Word or their identity or as they’re learning something new is absolutely priceless! As God touches hearts and lives and awakens in them an incredible new hunger and desire for more of Him, as  they receive a greater understanding of who they are in Christ, and as they discover their purpose — that's what we look forward to each week. But what’s more … we have FUN! And the relationships that are developed and forged, with Jesus at the center, bear such incredible fruit as we walk this Kingdom journey together.”   - Sue, SoKM Leader


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“Signing up for School of Kingdom Ministry was one of the best decisions I have made this season. I had walked in to church week in and week out desiring, yet not knowing how, to connect to the local church. The small setting gave me the opportunity to form godly connections similar to the kinds formed in a cell group, and I gleaned from the wisdom of my leaders and peers who had come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is often said that we need community, and I found that to be true. There is something about coming together, and it’s not just physically attending and watching videos, but walking through seasons together and being activated to minister (and to bring the Kingdom) to those around us.” 

Since joining SoKM, Jag has opened up to a powerful life of prayer. Not only does she serve on the Prayer Ministry Team at the North Jersey Vineyard as well as Healing on the Streets (HOTS), but Jag has developed a huge heart for teen girls, to grow and disciple them as strong leaders of their generation. Having hosted a few informal gatherings with a focus on prophetic art, Jag is planting seeds in the lives of “her girls,” encouraging their giftings and callings. 

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is SoKM for me?

Yes … SoKM is definitely for you!

There are no “extra special” or “super gifted” people in God’s Kingdom.

Jesus loves — and calls — each and every one of us … and we hope you will be part of what God is doing here!




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